Are you looking for a fun and educational activity for your students? The National Radon Poster Contest incorporates art, science and health lessons that you can include as a part of your curriculum. Not to mention, it gives your students and your school or organization the opportunity to be nationally recognized for raising radon awareness! Read below to learn how your group can participate in the National Radon Poster Contest and find ideas for incorporating the contest into your curriculum.

Can my Group Participate?

If you teach children ages 9-14 enrolled in a public, private, territorial, tribal, U.S. Department of Defense or home school—or a sponsoring club, such as an art, computer or science club; scouting organization; or 4-H club—you can participate in the National Radon Poster Contest.

Contest Calendar

Contest Calendar:
  • This year's contest officially opens on February 1, 2013
  • State-level judging occurs in many states. Click here to see if your state accepts entries, and to find the entry deadline and information for your state. States forward their top three poster entries to Kansas State University for the national contest judging.
  • If your state is not listed on the State Poster Contest Contact list, send poster entries directly to KSU by November 1, 2013
  • Judging for national level entries will occur by November 20, 2013
  • Notification of state winners chosen as part of the national judging will occur by November 30, 2013


How do I Participate?

  • After working with your students to create stellar artwork, make sure that each submission includes an Artwork Submission Form. This form must be attached to all entries.
  • Find out if your state runs a statelevel radon poster contest that feeds entries into the national contest. Use the list of Poster Contest Contacts to determine if your state runs a local contest, and send entries to the listed address if they do.
  • If your state does not coordinate a state-level contest, you can submit entries directly to Kansas State University several ways:
    • Use our online entry form;
    • Mail your artwork and submission form to:
      National Radon Program Services
      2011 National Radon Poster Contest
      133 Ward Hall –KSU
      Manhattan, KS 66506-2508
    • Take a photograph or scan your artwork and e-mail an electronic copy, along with your submission form, to radon@ksu.edu
Detect to Protect! Radon

National winners will receive award plaques and gift cards in the amount of $1000 for first place, $600 for second, $400 for third, and $400 a special mention. National winners will be recognized in the state and EPA region where they live, and the posters will be reproduced and distributed nationally to promote radon awareness.

What are the guidelines for artwork?

  • Be original
  • Must not have student’s name on the front
  • Should include a title on the front
  • Topic and title must be on the Artwork Submission Form
  • White paper - 12 x 18 and 8.5 x 11 sizes are preferred, but all submission sizes will be accepted (preferred size eases reproducibility)
  • Can be created with crayon, markers, paint (watercolor, tempera, acrylic), collage, photographs or computer graphics
  • Lettering and message should be large enough to reproduce well, with all pencil all pencil markings erased
  • Copyrighted characters (such as Snoopy), product logos and trademarked or brand names cannot be used.
Posters will be judged on:
  • Content accuracy
  • Visual communication of topic
  • Reproducibility
  • Originality

How do I incorporate radon in my lesson plans?

There are several resources available to help you make the National Radon Poster Contest a part of larger radon curriculum.

To learn more about radon and preparing a radon lesson plan, visit:

National Radon Poster Contest Results

The National Radon Poster Contest has grown tremendous of the last several years due to the participation of teachers like you! View the chart below to see how teachers have helped make the National Radon Poster Contest an increasingly popular activity for students across the country.

Poster Contest Results