2015 Poster Contest Winners

2015 National Radon Poster Contest winners  

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Winning Submissions

Below is a list of the 2015 Radon Poster Contest Winners. To view the posters; click the appropriate link.

National Winners

1st Place
Radon Attack of the Silent Killer

Radon woman says be hero check your home for radon today
Sunny, Age 14 of Louisville, KY

2nd Place
Can You Spot the House with Radon?

Can you spot the house with radon

Teah, Age 13 of Kapolei, HI


3rd Place

Radon radioactive cancer invisitble lungs
Clara, Age 14 of Social Circle, GA


Special Mention
Danger Radon

Danger Hear No See No Smell No Taste No
Sofiel, Age 14 of Salina, KS

Other Top 10

2nd Leading Cause of Lung Cancer
2nd Leading cause of lung cancer radon sosradon.org

Vienna, Age 9 of New York, NY

Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers
Nonsmokers can't get lung cancer right? Wrong
Aishani, Age 14 of Plano, TX

Radon the Silent Killer
Radon the silent killer causes lung cancer
Brandon, Age 13 of Minden, NV

Make Sure Radon is Gone
Make sure radon is gone test your home
Emily, Age 14 of Clear Lake, IA

Toe Tag: Rae Dawn
Toe Tag: Rae Dawn

Helena, Age 13 of Ramona, CA


R.I.P. Cause: Lung Cancer

Micaela, Age 10 of Chassell, MI

State Winners


1st Place, Santana
test your home for radon it can make you sick

2nd Place, Tyler
It's time to test your home for radon
3rd Place, Lucas
House shaped like a skull between two trees


1st Place, Helena
body with toe tag reading Rae Don

2nd Place, Helena
face breathing words related to radon and lung cancer
3rd Place, Kashvi
Car with bumper stickers and announcement show your support, test for radon


1st Place, Josh
Lungs in the grip of radon

2nd Place, Josh
Radon can cause lung cancer
3rd Place, Emelia



1st Place, Hunter
Don't let radon sneak up on you

2nd Place, Jenna

3rd Place, Audrey


Honorable Mention, Nicholas


1st Place, Alexei


2nd Place, Maria

3rd Place, Leticia



1st Place, Clara
2nd Place, Trer
3rd Place, Jade
3rd Place, Nicholas


1st Place, Teah
2nd Place, Angelica


1st Place, Emma
2nd Place, Emily
3rd Place, Dylan


1st Place, Julia
2nd Place, Gladys
3rd Place, Corinne


1st Place, Sofiel
2nd Place, Sage
3rd Place, Jayden


1st Place, Sunny
2nd Place, Savanna
3rd Place, Becca
3rd Place, Megan


1st Place, Breanna
2nd Place, McKenna


1st Place, Micaela
  3rd Place, Amy


1st Place, Lena
2nd Place, Sydney
3rd Place, Hanna
Honorable Mention, Abigayle


1st Place, James
2nd Place, Werner
3rd Place, Kaydence


1st Place, Brandon
2nd Place, Haley
2nd Place, Jayden

New Jersey

1st Place, Katherine
2nd Place, Arya
2nd Place, Gabriela
3rd Place, Nora
3rd Place, Xinyi

New York - At Large

1st Place, Vienna


1st Place, Amanda
2nd Place, Zarina


1st Place, Stephanie
2nd Place, Broghan

3rd Place, Rachel


1st Place, Victor
1st Place, Yuri
2nd Place, Roberto
3rd Place, Nancy

South Carolina

1st Place, Gracie
2nd Place, Elizabeth

3rd Place, Andrea


1st Place, Aishani


1st Place, Cetera 
2nd Place, Ani
3rd Place, Ellie


1st Place, Lexi
2nd Place, Bridget
3rd Place, Delaney
4th Place, Grace

West Virginia

1st Place, Avery
2nd Place, Evan