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About Us

Kansas State University (K-State), as a partner in the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium, provides national radon services and projects for the US EPA.  Responsibilities include the National Radon Hotlines, referrals to State Radon Programs, Radon Test Kit Orders, support for regional stakeholder meetings and national conferences, and other technical assistance and outreach activities.  


Contact Us


You can call the National Radon Hotline at (800) SOSRADON or (800) 767-7236.  


You may also contact one of the radon specialists on staff with the National Radon Program Services through our webform on this site and one of our radon specialists will respond to your question.  
  • Bruce Snead, Director
  • Brian Hanson, Radon Program Coordinator
  • Kristina Snyder, Radon Program Assistant

Mail to:

National Radon Program Services, Kansas State University, 133 Ward Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506