EPA Consumer Publications

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has numerous publications covering various aspects of radon and indoor air quality. For a list of these publications, please visit the EPA's "Publications about Radon" page.  Additionally, the EPA has publications that are designed to provide consumers with information about radon (click here).


Home Buyers' and Sellers' Guide book by the EPA

Home Buyers and Sellers Guide

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This booklet is intended for anyone who is buying or selling a home, real estate and relocation professionals, home inspectors and others.

Explains to buyers and sellers what they need to know about testing and what the test results mean.

Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction book by the EPA

Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction

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You have tested your home for radon, but now what? This recently revised booklet is for people who have tested their home for radon and confirmed that they have elevated radon levels 4 pCi/L or .02 WL or higher. This booklet can help you:

  • Select a qualified contractor to reduce the radon levels in your home
  • Determine an appropriate radon reduction method
  • Maintain your radon reduction system

A Citizen's Guide To Radon book by the EPA

A Citizen's Guide to Radon

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This recently revised guidance offers strategies for testing your home,describes follow-up options, and discusses radon risks and myths.

  • How to Test your Home
  • What do Test Results Mean?
  • State Contacts


Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions
(A Guide for Health Care Providers)

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A useful, detailed guide for health care professionals to aid "in their understanding of the risks from radon and communication of information on radon and radon reduction to their patients and other members of the public" (p. 2). Contents include, for example:

  • Public health impact of radon
  • The science behind risk estimates
  • Sample guidance for health care professionals
  • The role of health care providers in radon risk reduction


Build Radon Out book by the EPA

Building Radon Out

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This 81-page, fully illustrated guide is an excellent resource for home buyers and home builders who want to know about radon-resistant new construction (RRNC), including:

  • Basic questions and detailed answers about radon and RRNC;
  • Specific planning steps before installing a system;
  • Detailed installation instructions with helpful illustrations;
  • Tips and tricks when installing a system;
  • Marketing know-how when dealing with homebuyers; and
  • Architectural drawings.



Documentos en Español

Para más información en español, visite el sitio web de radón de la EPA, que se encuentra aquí.

Folleto de Radón en Español

Incluye hoja de pedido para kit de corto plazo

Instrucciones de AirChek de kit de prueba de corto plazo


A Citizen's Guide To Radon book by the EPA

Manual informativo sobre el radón

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Esta guía recientemente revisada ofrece estrategias para poner de prueba su casa, describe las opciones para las pruebas de seguimiento, y discute los riesgos y mitos de radon.

  • ¿Cómo probar su casa?
  • ¿Qué significan los resultados?
  • Contactos estatales


Home Buyers' and Sellers' Guide book by the EPA

Guía del Radón para Comprador y Vendedor de Viviendas

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Este folleto está dirigido a cualquier persona que está comprando o vendiendo una casa, profesionales de bienes raíces y de reubicación, los inspectores de viviendas y otros.

Explica a los compradores y vendedores de lo qué necesitan saber acerca de las pruebas de radon y qué significan los resultados de la prueba.