2014 Radon Poster Contest Winners Announced!

2014 National Radon Poster Contest winners 

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Winning Submissions

Below is a list of the 2014 Radon Poster Contest Winners. To view the posters; click the appropriate link.

National Winners

1st Place
Second Cause of Lung Cancer

Maison, Age 13 of Provo, UT

2nd Place
Will You Be One of Them

Nicole, Age 12 of Kapolei, HI


3rd Place
Does Your Home Have

Sunny, Age 11 of Morganville, NJ


Special Mention
Can Cause Lung Cancer

Natalie, Age 13 of Winthrop, IA

Special Mention, Other Top 10

Test Your Home Today

Tofunmi, Age 14 of Tulsa, OK

Test Kit Can Save Your Life

Isaiah, Age 12 of Melrose Park, PA

Invisible Threat

Vita, Age 13 of Bridgewater, NJ

Knock Out Radon

Cameron, Age 11 of Peotone, IL

1 Out of 15 Homes

McKenna, Age 14 of Spanish Fork, UT


Silent Killer

John, Age 14 of Hollywood, FL

State Winners



1st Place, Kelli

2nd Place, Jamison
3rd Place, Jarrod


1st Place, Mary Jo


2nd Place, Virinda

3rd Place, Vigna


1st Place, Chiara


2nd Place, Sara

3rd Place, Sivan


1st Place, Kayla


2nd Place, Annabelle

3rd Place, Victoria



1st Place, John


2nd Place, Luciana

3rd Place, Isabella



1st Place, Hayden


2nd Place, Tyler

3rd Place, India



1st Place, Nicole




1st Place, Natalie


2nd Place, Tina

3rd Place, Lexie



1st Place, Allana


2nd Place, Alice

3rd Place, Cameron



1st Place, Rachel


2nd Place, Nina

3rd Place, Lexie


1st Place, Ryan


2nd Place, Shuqi




1st Place, Nikki


2nd Place, Hannah

3rd Place, Courtney




1st Place, Megan


2nd Place, Analise

3rd Place, McKenna



1st Place, Hannah


2nd Place, Taylor

3rd Place, Ashlee


New Jersey

1st Place, Sunny


2nd Place, Vita

3rd Place, Joshua

New York

1st Place, Lily


2nd Place, Nar

3rd Place, Ranvir


North Carolina

1st Place, NaShyala


2nd Place, Tristan

3rd Place, Indi


North Dakota

1st Place, Ambrea


2nd Place, Alex

3rd Place, Claire


1st Place, Joe


2nd Place, Chloe

3rd Place, Eryn




1st Place, Tofunmi


2nd Place, Dalton

3rd Place, Hunter



1st Place, Isaiah

2nd Place, Tionna

3rd Place, Elizaveta



1st Place, Aishani


2nd Place, Kea



Utah - State Selected Winners

1st Place, Ali 


2nd Place, Megan

3rd Place, Joseph


Utah - At Large Winners.

       The National Radon Program judged the at large submissions from Utah resulting in these at large winners.

1st Place, Maison 


2nd Place, Candace

3rd Place, McKenna


1st Place, Iliana


2nd Place, Morgan

3rd Place, Marie

West Virginia

1st Place, Riley


2nd Place, Shawna

3rd Place, Megan