Resources for RRNC Code Adoption

2023 RRNC Codes Presentation Recording: 

Download the Worksheet (click here for a word doc) on Current Codes Status. 

All the links and questions on this website are included in a fillable word document. 


2021 RRNC Code Presentation Resources: 

Meet the Speakers: RRNC Code Adoption Speakers' Bios


Webinar #1 Slides: Radon Resistant Building Codes: Background and Case Studies

Background and Case Studies Webinar Recording


Webinar #2 Slides: Radon Resistant Building Codes: Creating Capacity and Engaging the Process

Creating Capacity & Engaging the Process Webinar Recording


IRC Appendix F Code Hearing:

Questions to Ask About Your Jurisdiction:

  1. Does your state have statewide or city/county level building code adoption authority? Or a hybrid?
  2. What is the current status of RRNC in your state building code? 
  3. Are there local jurisdictions with RRNC?
  4. Where is RRNC required by policy in your state? (Examples:  HUD financed Multifamily Military Housing, Other?)
  5. Has your program undertaken any efforts to achieve Appendix F or radon resistant new construction in state/local codes?
  6. What cities/counties would present the greatest opportunity for achieving code implementation and why?  Some factors to consider:
  • population
  • radon zone
  • new construction starts
  • building code adoption schedule
  • champions or advocates and radon services available


Where is radon addressed in current building codes?

Appendix F of the International Residential Code:


What are the basic elements of RRNC in Appendix F?

Graphic and list of elements

Pennsylvania Schematic Drawings of RRNC - technical drawings and descriptions

Radon Control in New Homes - Dr. Bill Angell Summary of Research


What was added to Appendix F in 2020?

Testing Requirements Added to Appendix F


Which AARST-ANSI Building Standards address RRNC?

Radon in National Green Building Standard 2020


How are building codes/RRNC adopted?

Understanding State and Local Adoption Processes – A Primer

ICC code resources – web site with state status for all code – web site with US map and state code status shown by links:

ICC master codes adoption by state Feb 2020:

Map with State or Local indication of adoption authority/status:


Are building codes/RRNC adopted differently on Tribal lands?


Additional information on RRNC is available here: