Purchase a test kit

**NOTE:  Purchases will show up on your credit card statement as "KSU CASHIERS OFFICE IV"

If you would like to purchase over the phone with a credit card, please call 1-800-767-7236. 

Test Kits are mailed through USPS several times each week and typically take 7-10 days from order time to arrive at your address.  According to the CDC, there is likely minimal risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus via packages shipped over a period of days at ambient temperatures due to poor survivability of the virus on these surfaces.

Please see article for more details https://www.inc.com/jason-aten/heres-how-amazon-says-you-should-handle-packages-to-prevent-spread-of-coronavirus.html.

Alpha Energy Labs--who supplies our short-term radon test kits--is now open and fully operational and is able to receive and process test kits, with COVID safety protocols in place. Lab analysis times have returned to normal. 

Note: If your kit experiences shipping delays en route TO the lab for analysis (after you've already done the test), Alpha Energy Labs' replacement policy covers this.  
See the link to Alpha Energy's website for more COVID updates: https://www.doctorhomeair.com/covid-19-2/.

    Radonova--who supplies our long-term radon test kits--has now returned to normal operations while still observing CDC and IDPH COVID safety guidelines and is available to answer all customer questions and inquiries. Please see the LINK for further updates: https://radonova.com/radonova_covid_19/

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages all homeowners to test their residences for radon gas.

    If you are testing in New Jersey, there will be an additional $10 payment for the New Jersey State Radon Fee or your results will not be released (see Instructions).  Additional information must be entered online for the New Jersey DEP. Short-term kits: www.DrHomeAir.com/NJ. Long-term kits in New Jersey: https://radonova.com/product/njsosradon/.

    Test kit purchases from individuals outside the United States are not supported/accepted by our system due to shipping costs and time delays which can impact the analysis process of the test kits.


    Is this your first time testing for radon--or first time in a while (2-5 years)?  We recommend starting with a short-term test kit. Then, depending on your results, a long-term test kit might be an option for your follow-up, confirmation test. For questions, please call our National Radon Hotline at (800) 767-7236.

    When do test kits expire? 

    • Short-term test kits do not expire as long as: 1) the test kit has not been removed from plastic; and 2) the paper backing of the test kit has not been punctured.
    • Long-term test kits expire 3 years from date of manufacture. (Date is printed on the back of shrink-wrapped test kit.) 


    Test Kit

    Alpha Energy Short-term Test Kit

    Short Term tests kits (2-4 days) are $15, which includes all costs. Just follow the instructions on the included Instruction Sheet and return the kit to the manufacturer (Alpha Energy in Texas) for analysis at no extra charge*.

    Testing Instructions

    Access your short-term test results

    Test Kit

    Landauer Long-term Radon Test Kit

    Long term test kits (3-12 months) are $25, which includes all costs. Just follow the instructions on the package and return the kit to the manufacturer for analysis at no extra charge. 

    Testing Instructions

    Access your long-term test results

    *As indicated on the short-term test kit instructions from Alpha Energy:  Radon test kits must reach the lab at Alpha Energy Laboratories within 10 days of concluding the test in order for test results to be accurate.  Although your kit comes with pre-paid First Class postage, slower service and severe delays in First Class mail service have been experienced due to the United States Postal Service (USPS) budget crisis and subsequent facilty closures.  We strongly encourage you to consider an alternate shipping method, as outlined in your kit's instruction sheet.  

    Mail or fax online order form

    You may print and complete an order form and mail with a check (order form here). This service is not available to New Jersey residents.

    Radon Test kit return policy

    • Damaged or unusable test kits will not be refunded
    • Test kits returned in good, unopened condition within 30 days of purchase will be refunded  the purchase price less a $5  per order restocking/processing fee
    • If you paid by credit card your account will be credited
    • If you paid by check please provide your complete mailing address and phone number so we can issue a refund check
    • Kits must be returned at your expense
    • Kits should be returned to:


         National Radon Program Services​
    ​     2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 300
         Manhattan, KS   66502

    Radonova--who supplies our long-term radon test kits--is experiencing reduced operations until at least April 7, 2020 due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders from their local government. See the LINK for updates BEFORE starting and sending in your kit for analysis: https://radonova.com/radonova_covid_19/


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